Tilapia with a Tangerine Lemon Sauce

I recently made this for myself this last weekend while my wife was out of town, and got a request for the recipes from friends when talking about it!  I was thinking of something as low-key and easy as possible–sometimes you just don’t want to cook!

Tangerine Lemon Tilapia

I chose tilapia for the fish, as that was the only fish we had in the freezer–but any white fish would do.  The sauce has a lot of flavor, and you should chose a mild-flavored fish to compensate.  The sauce would also work very well with chicken–again, anything without a very strong flavor.  The recipe for the sauce is here.

For my two sides, I found some broccoli and steamed it, and I also roasted some turnips, which I had gotten from the farmer’s market earlier that weekend.  Turnips are in season in the winter months, and have an excellent earthy, roasted flavor.  They may come with a large leafy stalk and a root on the bottom–simply cut those off and discard.  If you’re interested in making your own vegetable stock, however, the leaves can be wonderful aromatics.  The recipe for the turnips is here.

Finally, to make it pretty, I garnished the sauce with a touch of parsley.  Absolutely delicious!


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