Spicy Cucumber Sandwich!

Spicy Cucumber Sandwich

It’s been some time since I’ve put up a recipe–so here we go!  I happen to live in the desert–which means we’ll do anything we can in the middle of July to cool off.  But on the same token, I am a sucker for anything with some spice to it.  Thus, we’ll have this and combine the two!  First off, the link to this recipe is located here:  Spicy Cucumber Sandwiches.  The key to this sandwich is fresh vegetables, how those vegetables are cut, and a good whole-grain bread.

In regards to the spread, you can’t get much easier…mix the ingredients in a measuringSpicy Cucumber Spread cup until well combined.  It should have a good spreadable consistency.  If it does not, add a bit more sour cream.  If you’re not a fan of the mayonnaise, feel free to substitute as you wish.  There are a number of vegan mayonnaise options out there made primarily from tofu which would be a very good substitute.  You just want to make sure whatever you do substitute with has a thick consistency and adds a bit of flavor to the sauce.  It should look similar to the picture to the right and above.

Keep them thin!

With the vegetables, it is very important to slice them as thinly as possible.  If the vegetables are cut thickly, it makes for a very unwieldy sandwich.  Nothing is more disappointing than sitting down for lunch and having half your sandwich fall on the floor.

Final Cucumber Sandwich

Finally, spread the sauce on each side of a slice of bread.  This will help keep your vegetables from sliding around, as well as giving you that spicy taste to counteract the cool of the vegetables!  Serve and enjoy!


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